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Just for fun...I don't claim to be an expert yet...

Ihmunat, The first five chapters of a novel, in a preliminary form. Book-cover-style summary below:
Artellith has spent his entire life preparing to succeed his father as the head of the Ganzend family, the most powerful family in the city-state of Ihmunat. Succeeding his father will be no easy task, as Ihmunat's other families mistrust the science of flesh creation that the Ganzends practice, and envy the power they have achieved through it. Further, Artellith's childhood friend, Vermillion, is among the first complete artificial humans the Ganzends have ever created, and Vermillion has unlocked terrifying powers of her artificial flesh that the Ganzends never even imagined. Caring and friendly as Vermillion is, she does't have complete control over her powers. After she massacres Ihmunat's city council, Artellith's father included, Artellith is forced to face the dark secrets that lie behind Vermillion's powers, and the dangerous forces that built the world they live in.

The Project of an Intern, a short story about a bright college student who has a rather unfortunate internship in IT.


I was the president of CMU Student Pugwash For the 2010-2011 and 2012-2013 academic years.

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